A survey of 2479 Polish local governments started in June 2014 and the data collection was finished in October 2014. The responses from the municipalities were collected through the traditonal mail or through the Internet (CAWI). Finally, 1311 municipalities (i.e. more than 50%) submitted their response.

In Norway, a survey of 425 municipalities started in November 2014 and the data collection was finished in February 2015.  The responses were collected through the Internet (CAWI). Finally, 219 Norwegian municipalities (i.e. 51%) submitted their response.

Both questionnaires were designed to identify the awareness of challenges related to climate change among local politicians and bureaucrats in Poland. The survey results provide an important contribution to mapping the existing practices of adaptation to climate change on a local level. The Norwegian and Polish questionnaires were structured in a similar way in order to allow for comparisons of results. Some of the questions were also asked in a survey to the Norwegian municipalities in 2011 (Orderud and Kelman 2011).

The first results of Polish survey are summarized in the press release.